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"Biret" is a young company, operating in since February 2005 in Szczecin, Poland.Despite the short presence in the market, on many occasions have our products embellished student graduations, as well as primary and secondary school pledges.
The main impulse that contributed to the founding of the company was the fact, that each year the ceremonial gown is becoming more popular among graduates. In order to meet these new needs and expectations of our young customers, we have created a company that allows you to rent/buy complete sets: birettas and gowns, customized at your wish.
The basic profile of our business is sewing academic gowns andbirettas of highest quality, yet at affordable prices. Additionally, we have created a new offer for the first graders - "Young Elite”.
We guarantee the highest quality, of fabrics and design, available on the market. The advantage is a not-crumpled, sharp look, and perfect fit.







in Szczecin,
ul. Smolańska 3, Szczecin
mobile: +48 668 826 632
mobile: +48 512 996 712
email: togi@home.pl


residence in Warsaw,
Paweł Myszak,
mobile: +48 508 518 015
email: pawel.myszak@togi.com.pl


See how Biret conquered Mount Everest:



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